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Blue Ice


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Blue Ice

[Skin Cooling Down Device]


Cooling Device

Powerful Blow
Advanced Cooling
Longer Lifespan
Refined Design
Easy User Interface
Blue Ice is an ideal system for cooling down
skin temperature during laser treatment in before and after.
it goes down to -30℃and has an excellent effect
b alleviating the pain with skin laser treatment.
Blue Ice gives a comfortable feel in Air Cooling without contacting the skin.
Refined Design
Matched well in every space
Scandinavian Design
Simple and luxurious Time goes by, maintains robustness and luxury
Compact Design
In the form of a vertically long tower, Less occupied floor space

Product Description

Powerful Blow -30℃

-30 ℃ strong cold wind affects the deep part of the skin and reduce pain and redness before and after laser treatment.
Used for acute joints sprains, giving relief of pain and inflammation and reducing swelling.
Possible to laser treatment in short time and less time to recover skin condition.
Advanced Air Cooling System
Blue Ice inhale and compress indoor air and condenser cooled at -30 ° C
to remove moisture, frost and dust.

It generate with soft and clean cold air and gives a comfortable feel in
Air Cooling without contacting the skin.

Various Accessories

Adjustable Hose

As a hose fixed on its own,
assistant don’t need to hold during the laser treatment. Just twist and fix.

Flexible Hose

As a extending hose,
connect to adjustable hose and optional use for particular part.


As stick in edge of the hose,
Used for centralized cooling in affected part.
Smart Touch Panel
Using an intuitive LED icon, convenient control for temperature, processing time, and flow intensity.
With delicate air volume control in 1-10 level, helps to reduce pain during treatment.
For smooth operation of cooling function, water overflow mark inform you in red color just before the water tank is full.

Technical Specifications

Airflow 1500ℓ / min Electrical 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Cooling Temperature Max. -30±5℃ / Min. -10±5℃ Dimension(Main Unit) 350(W) x 500(L) x 1000(H)mm
Cooling Duration 1~99 minutes Length(Air Hose) Min.1200mm / Max.2000mm
Handpiece Type Universal / 5mm / 10mm / 15mm Weight 60kg

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